Transitional Kindergarten

Ages 4 years to 5 years


At Dream Palace Education Center, our teachers strive to prepare our Pre-K students with the proper materials needed to be ready to excel in Kindergarten. At this age, our main focus is to make sure each child meets educational requirements and has developed the skills necessary to interact with peers to develop social skills. Children that do not have these experiences risk entering kindergarten with social, behavior, and academic deficit causing them to fall behind. So, our teachers will be working with our Pre-K students to build that foundation that should have been built before entering Kindergarten. Not only will we focus on students developmentally but also mentally making sure that each child has the self-esteem to believe that they are able to achieve any obstacle they’ll be faced with and prepare them for challenging situations. Along with our Montessori based curriculum we will focus on handwriting, sight words, number recognition etc. We will also introduce a program called "Best of Me" which will consist of getting the students to learn to deal with distressful situations; such as losing a pet, new home, serious illness etc., giving the kids a chance to act out the scenarios. Afterwards, the kids will be able to talk about how that made them feel. Next, the kids will respond productively using Yoga, drawing exercises, or painting, depending on the day. The idea of the program is to provide more productive ways to respond to distress than anger.