Infant Program

At Dream Palace Education Center, our teachers strive to keep our infants on a strict schedule which helps infants build a routine at a very young age. It also helps when it’s time to transition into our toddler program. Structure is something that every child needs especially in the infant stage.


Diapers will be changed every 2 hours or as needed.  Our teachers read as well as sing, as a way to introduce language to our infants. We will also introduce tummy time, which will help our infants control their heads and prevent flat head. Our infants will learn to sit and hold their own bottles early in the program.


By ages 6months to 12months our teachers will introduce circle time, which includes learning: colors, shapes, sign language and letters.


As a DPEC parent you will have to provide:

  • Formula/breastmilk bottles labeled with your child's first and last name, date, what’s in the bottle, and discard date. This also goes for food.

  • We prefer pre-made bottles